Monday, June 22, 2009

Starting Now

I have made no new artwork this year. I've shot negatives and I've edited files, but none have made it to their physical form. I got really fed up with that the other day, I'm a cronic procrastinator and don't know why. I have confidence in my work, but maybe deep down I don't. I'm on chapter two of a book about how to get past procrastination and how its seldom the base issue, but more often the natural response to another issue. This hit deep, chapter 1 sounded like someone followed me around for a week to get inspiration to write the book. I decided from all this that the reason I don't make as much work now is because I'm constantly surrounded by amazing artwork (I photograph artwork for a living)...I think I let this start effect me, I feel like I can't compete with all this really cool work, so to avoid criticism I avoid finishing anything. The unfinished pieces can't be "judged" because more could still be done to make them cooler. Well this blog is my fight against it, against myself. I plan to post at least 1 photo every day, good or bad...starting now. I'm asking for judgement, I need it to progress. Avoiding it is only stunting my own growth as an artist. Thanks!

The image on the left is one from Julie and my hike at Pinkbeds in Pisgah national forest. I think it was the first shot I took. The place was really pretty and this was just before a light rain. The image on the right is a Zonkey at Hollywild.

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